Nerd Out to ‘Doctor Who’ Tunes: A Trock Rock Top 5 by The Nerdist

We’ve had a lot of nerdy things going on here at Anglophenia lately. Well, that’s because Chris Hardwick‘s The Nerdist special is coming to BBC America on Saturday, September 24th at 10/9c. Doctor Who star Matt Smith is a guest. And in celebration of that and all things Who-related, we thought we’d go by the way of Trock Rock a.k.a. “Time Lord Rock.” For those who aren’t in the know, the Doctor Who Tumblr has a nice explanation of what it is — “music based on, and written about, the TV series Doctor Who.”

But it is Nerdist Week after all, so why not, right? So here’s our little tribute… are you ready to trock?

Click through for The Nerdist’s Top 5 Anglophenia Blog

Charlie McDonnell crush 4 ever.