Do you like sexy things? No? That’s weird. Find someone who does and get them to vote on this poll.

The official voting period ends Saturday at 12AM so get your votes in now, here!

It’s funny, for overall the top result for 

girl: boobs

guy: funniness


girl: tattoos

guy: a little scruff

(oops a little shallow)

This is kind of amusing.

People who like girls think:
1. Boobs
2. Butt
3. Eyes
4. Funniness (why it’s “funniness” and not “humor” is beyond me)
5. Sexy underwear

People who like guys think:
1. Funniness
2. Eyes
3. Cleanliness
4. V-shaped pelvic muscle
5. A little scruff 

And apparently I think:
1. Eyes
2. Funniness
3. Being really good at an instrument that isn’t guitar 
4. Reading a book that isn’t Game of Thrones
5. Good cologne

Wow that’s…scarily accurate.